Access Bars

Relax and De-Stress - Spa day for your brain and body!!

Access Consciousness BARS is a dynamic body process, designed to change your life. 

You can chose to have several Access Bars Sessions, where you get your Bars run.  

You can also choose Access Bars as a one day class where you get to learn how to run Bars and you get to Gift and Receive twice. You learn how to run Bars on Family and Friends and you can get paid to do this if you choose it.

The Access BARS is an empowerment tool where 32 points on your head are gently touch and this effortlessly and easily releases anything that is limiting you and keeping you stuck. Having your Bars run clears the filter of life for you to see what is really true for you. 

What if you were no longer stuck or limited and could receive possibilities with ease? 

Imagine how valuable that could be for YOU, your family, your friends, and your business, your life, living and body!

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YouTube Video


YouTube Video

Do you need to see the research? 
"Dr. Fannin a Neuroscientist reviewing Access Bars"

YouTube Video

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“The real change that is possible, is found by empowering people 
who are capable of changing the world and inspiring the people 
around them with the energy they can be.” 
-Access Consciousness™ Founder, Gary M. Douglas

Clients Report!

After clients bars are run they are reporting increased self esteem, increased trust with their knowing, increased energy, 
improved mental clarity and focus, improved concurrency, exceeding goals and targets with ease, increased health, 
and vitality, emotional clarity and strength; they have also reported  improved relationships, better sleep, decrease in stress, improvements in over all body functions. 



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