Meet Dr. Sue Hegel D.C.

"Born and raised in Australia, Dr. Hegel D.C, lives with her family and works as Chiropractor in Dallas, Texas. 

Her 20 year background working with bodies and energy coupled with her extraordinary, intuitive healing abilities, allows Dr. Hegel to understand the intricate details for what it takes to create optimum health for every day living! 

Health is one of those things we have until we don't, and you don't want to feel awesome and be your best 24/7, 365 for what reason? 

Dr. Hegel says she was introduced to Access Consciousness in 2009 when her friend asked her to attend an Access Consciousness BARS class. She says, "I was pregnant with my 3rd baby, filled to the brim and was not in the mood to receive anything, let alone a modality I knew nothing about!" She adds that her friend insisted and little did she know the incredible changes that would occur for her and her family and friends and clients upon having her BARS run that day. 

She says that after having her BARS run for that first time, it opened her up to a level of new possibilities she never knew existed, it literally changed the way she viewed herself, her family, children, clients and the world, and has added so much and MORE to her life since that day! Since this first class in 2009, 

Dr. Hegel has gone on to complete her Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator License and has been facilitating Bars Classes since 2011. She also completed her Certified Facilitator license in 2012 and has also attended 3 Day Body Classes, Live Your Magic Classes, Talk to the Entities Classes, just to name a few.

The Access BARS, as it is the quickest and easiest way she has found for people to create ever lasting relief and change in their bodies. The Access Bars is a body process for dynamic change, which involves touching 32 points on the head that start to clear all the limitations you have about that area of your life. It is like hitting the delete button on the computer, all the old ways go away and fast. It is like having a massage and the worst thing is that your life can change. 

Dr. Hegel conducts private zoom consultations with clients, and looks forward to creating the possibility you have never had until now. 

Dr. Hegel's two favorite questions she leaves you with to ask yourself are: 

 1. What Else is Possible!

 2. How does it get any better than “this” 

Being YOUR Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Dr. Hegel would love to continue the conversation with you. 

We look forward to creating dynamic change with YOU! 

With Ease and Gratitude, 

Sue Hegel, D.C. 


What are The BARS? 

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Jul 6, 2012, 6:38 PM