VISION Movie Class

Dr. Hegel is Up Leveling her Mind Movie class to offer you a special 2 hour class to create your very own VISION Movie..
You have heard of affirmations and Vision Boards and Mind Movies, and they work ok, well your VISION MOVIE takes into account all three and brings them together into one impactful way that magnifies your results. You thought the mind movie class rocked, just watch what happens when you put your VISION Movie together and watch it!
The three main areas to Life are:
1. Your Life - your family, your friends, your groups
2. Your Living - your work, the way in which you earn your money, all the fun things to do and play with
3. Your Body - This is your house that you need to live and be, why not take it with you.
I go through each area in a thorough manner and you will have at the end of the night a clear vision on how to create, generate and institute your very own VISION MOVIE and easily and most of all FUN!
The benefits to your very own VISION Movie are that you learn what truly is important to you, your life, your living and your body and you get to express all of this in a way that tells the universe, ok I am ready! BRING IT ON!
Do you require to
- increase your earnings?
- have a happier and calmer family life?
- have a healthier and happier body?
- life more fun things to play with?
You can do all this and more with your VISION Movie. We invite you to join us!
We are looking forward to spending time with you and helping you out create what you currently have!
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