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"Empowering YOU to know to that YOU KNOW"! 
Transforming "YOU" in to an extraordinary asset.

What Change would you like to create in your body, life and living NOW and with EASE? 

 ~  Uncover  ~  Explore  ~  Embrace ~

Understand why you are where you are with your health and how to overcome your situation!

Learn how to create structural alignment, emotional, nutritional and energetic balance!

r  Healthy Boundary Course

         ü  Self Passed Class created by a Board Certified Chiropractor, Reiki Master Teacher,  Access Consciousness Bars                                                            Practitioner, Heart 2 Heart Healing Practitioner. 

ü  Fully understand, what creates the drama and trauma in your life

     ü Learn tools that you can use anywhere, anytime on anything on anyone to heal your body, mind and spirit,

 Learn tools that you can use anywhere, anytime on anything on anyone to change any situation

     ü Learn tools to clear energy, keep your self balanced and protected, synced and cultivating ease, joy and glory

ü  One Payment of $ 222      NOW  $ 97  (save $125)

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        Thank you so much for your inquiry and interest in The Healthy Boundary Course
It is my souls honor to be presenting this life changing practice! 
Just a little bit about me; I have been on the Energy/Consciousness path for about 10 years and have been working as a Chiropractor with people's bodies for 15 years and Energy Worker for 10 years. 

Teaching and facilitating possibilities found me in 2009 and I have been facilitating people with possibilities in private and group sessions for over 10 years now. 

My focus is to make a bigger impact in the world, be the change you wish to see in the world and to move into the next phase of my life which includes more teaching and to continue to empower people to choose greater ways of knowing themselves

I'm excited to be offering this course for a very special group of individuals who are eager; willing to lean in and ready to fly! My Spiritual life began early on in my life of which I had no understanding of it and I have gone through many changes and many rewrites, now using my awareness. 

What I now know is that my soul has been asking to know how to keep my energy clear, my energy balanced, my energy protected, my energy synced to ease, joy and glory and to cultivate peace and joy with my energy; and I noticed that alot of the trauma and drama I had been cre
ating, these tools help to minimize and erase that crud. I noticed the glitches of trauma and drama changed and went away quickly and life got easier and happier. 

The tools in this course has allowed me to find the unique ways that I clear, balance, protect, sync and cultivate, and has given me the reins to direct my energy in a way that serves my highest and best good and has changed my life for the better. These tools allow me to take my story and turn it into healing, the heaviness and change it into lightness and to harvest the joy that is my awareness, my potency and capacities. 

This course is an every changing practice and one that surprisingly came so natural to me when I first began. It made me realize that I am here to communicate and provide guidance with this course, and it is part of my unique signature; and thatthe call of the energy, is like nothing else I have ever experienced up to this point in my life. 

It is my desire to facilitate in such a way that you connect to your own knowing, your own awareness and that which matches your own style. I truly believe that we are all entitled to our own happiness, its just about finding what method works best for us. 
You will become aware of how to ask questions, hold space and energy while you go through your own process of learning. 
The Healthy Boundary Course offer foundational tools. These tools are the easiest ways that I have found to clear, balance, protect, sync and cultivate the Peace, Happiness and Ease we seek. 

Using these tools, I can keep the trauma and drama away which allows me receive my own answers and open myself up to personal revelations. Your experience will be unique to you, and exactly perfect. If you are ready to go deeper; to embark on a path that will add to your life in unprecedented ways, I'd be honored and thrilled to have you join us! Here are the details and how you can sign up!

        What is included in this Course? **9 Self Paced Tools in easy to follow video format. Sent to you via email.
        *Your investment: Price: $222  - Special Price $97

        Once you have paid, you will receive an email with all the links to each tool.

        Payment can be made by via Paypal: paypal.me/drsuehegel

        If this all sounds great and you are ready to dive in, I am super excited. 

    With Gratitude, Sue Hegel DC

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SO, You have an inclining there is something different available to you, a life that full of energy, fun and joy! 

The good news is that it’s entirely possible to live a life that empowers you to take Action that creates Balance.

This free report, will share with you the keys that allow you to create change with ease and give you the next 

steps you can take right now to change your future: 

                    1.     Ending suffering as a result of "not" buying into judgment and wrongness of YOU!

                    2.     Become aware of where you are shutting off from yourself and others!

                    3.     Learn how to "leave" the suffering behind and create a healthier connection with your body, life and living!

                    3.     Become aware of "how" aware you really are! Has your "awareness” exceed your “allowance?

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