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Boundary Protection and Clearing Tools
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     Energy Boundary Tool MP3                                                                                    
          This tool gives you the basics to build on. Very powerful for allowing access to only your energy and not everyone else's! 

     Clearing Tool MP3
        This tool gives you access to clearing things, people, situations that you thought may not change. Clear food,people, kids homework, work, cars, houses vacations, situations. What else is possible?

      Advanced Boundary Protection Tool
        This follows on from the first Energy Boundary tool and advances it to be even more potent! 

     Double Boundary Protection and Clearing MP3 
       This follows on from the Advanced Boundary Protection tool and advances to clear even more scenarios. 

        Triple Energy Boundary Tool MP3 
        This follows on from the Double Boundary Protection and Clearing tool and advances to clear even stream lined and thorough and even more efficient.

    Hologram Protection 
        This is great for moms and healers and if you know you are going into a place that is unusual or unfamiliar to you. 

      Cutting Cords MP3 
        This tool is super important if you have cleared and created your boundaries and a situation keeps on popping up! 

     Forgiveness Tool MP3 
    This tool is super important as moving on from a hard or unpleasant situation allows you space to move on that you didn't have before.


ure Healing Energy MP3 
        This is just divine and delicious and juicy. If you are opening to  receiving something different and would like to experience remote healing energy that is pure and full of unconditional love, than this is the experience for you.

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