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On September 3, 2012 I had the good fortune to attend a demonstration session that you conducted. While you worked on someone else, you said those of us in the audience could benefit as well. Although I didn't sense any change I could identify, I did detect that some shift had occurred.

On September 11, an unexpected, serious negative financial event occurred -- the area of my life that has long been a source of utter frustration. While I was initially quite upset and reacted much as I had in the past, I knew I had to deal with the matter immediately.

One of my challenges over the years had been that when I was faced with such an experience, I would deal with it in a constant state of anger and treat the very people who could help me as adversaries. I knew this worked against my best interests, but seemed unable to break this self-destructive pattern despite attempts to use all the techniques to which I had been exposed such as physical means (EFT), prayer and will power to change it.

This time was different! Once I got over my initial distress, I was genuinely calm and handled the matter in such an effective manner that I actually benefitted from the experience. I'm convinced that Access Bars was the reason for this sudden and dramatic change. 

I expect that with my own session my life will finally take a long desired turn for the better. 

Thank you so much! As a healer, I also look forward to sharing this gift with others. 

~ Bronis DeSupinski, Senior Health Coach, Take Shape for Life