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Women of Prosperity


"What is Sucking the JOY Out of Your Money?"

Worthiness, Family, Religion, Business, Relationships and Decision and Judgments?

7 PART Series starting June 16th - 6.00 to 8.30pm

#1 - Tuesday, June 16th - Worthiness         (Recording Available)
#2 - Tuesday, July 21st - Family                   (Recording Available)
#3 - Tuesday, August 18th - Religion           (Recording Available)
#4 - Tuesday, September 15th - Business   (Recording Available)
#5 - Tuesday, October 20th - Relationships 
#6 - Tuesday, November 17th - Judgement
#7 - Tuesday, December 15th - Gifting
 Learn More Here for "What is Sucking the JOY Out of YOUR Money?" 
 with Dr. Sue Hegel D.C., Lona Smith CFMW and Tricia Wade CFMW

Women need to sit in circles, not because we need healing, but because we need replenishment. Women need to go deep. Sitting in circle nourishes the soul. 

What if you allowed your soul to be feed by a sacred Circle of Women, what if this is one of the most powerful forces you can perceive, know, be and receive: Find it, Embrace it, Seek it, and Allow it, we are here!

Most people do their live their lives with all kinds of decisions and judgments attached. What if it didn't have to be this way? 
What if there was a different way, different possibilities?

True resolve is a choice with a demand. If you resolve to change something, whatever it looks like and whatever it takes, and you eliminate the judgment, anything can change.

You are invited to join us for "What is Sucking the JOY Out of YOUR Money?" - "
Worthiness, Family, Religion, Business, Relationships and Decisions and Judgments!"

Do you have true resolve to create, grow and become wealthy in 2015 and beyond? 

Join us for a seven-part series:  
Seven Months, Seven Tuesday Evenings and Seventeen Hours invested in You and Your Future. 
What is the quality of your relationship in relation to joy and money? Are you ready to change it?

Are you willing to be very rich?

Is now the time?

Individual Ticket for Each Series $20

$140 via PayPal for All 7 Series 
    (Recordings will be available for all 7 classes that you can listen to at your own pace)

"If you educate a man you educate a person; 
if you educate a woman you educate a family." Ruby Manikan